Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, Lisbon Gains Gold by “Doing the Right Thing”

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, Lisbon Gains Gold by “Doing the Right Thing”
October 25, 2016 Bradley Cox

For five years Inspira Santa Marta Hotel has chosen to have its sustainable management practices certified against Green Globe’s internationally recognised Standard. This commitment has now been rewarded with Gold Membership and recertification at a score of 94% of Green Globe criteria, placing Inspira Santa Marta as one of the top performing hotels in the world for sustainable operations and management.

Inspira Santa Marta, General Manager, Nicolas Roucos said, “Inspira, through all its concepts and initiatives is considered a pioneer of Sustainable Development in Portugal and after five years has been able to contributed to such diverse projects as Water Pumps in Africa and Wind Turbines in Asia as well as local projects that deliver just as much impact. Above all however, it is our team’s dedication to all these causes including day-to-day sustainable management practices that make us stand apart.”

Internationally, Inspira has partnered with non-governmental organization Pump Aid, which is responsible for installing drinking water pumps in developing countries. Inspira sponsors this project using revenue generated from the sale of Inspira Water, which is filtered and bottled on site in recycled glass bottles. In the past five years, the hotel has managed to co-sponsor five water pumps in Southern Africa, with a sixth pump coming on line this year.

Locally, Inspira is engaged in environmental volunteering programs in order to contribute to the protection and preservation of local biodiversity and highlights local tourist attractions. Inspira staff and management participate regularly in initiatives such as clean ups of Lisbon’s Botanical Garden. The aim is to ensure regular maintenance of the Garden offering visitors to the city an enhanced natural experience.

For businesses, Inspira has been an innovator in meetings and corporate events, with the hotel offering trademark “Green Meetings” that help guests turn their own business meeting into a “green” event. The hotel provides the most advanced technology in order to reduce environmental impact. Measures are taken to reduce resource consumption, such as implementing a paperless policy for green meetings and instead utilising digital displays and digital flipcharts. Green meetings of course include healthy and locally sourced menu items along with Inspira Water, and in the meeting rooms recycled materials as used, while 100% of electrical energy is offset.

The hotel focuses keenly on carbon reduction and has achieved the Ecoprogresso Certificate of CarbonFree Emissions Compensation 2015. The certificate covers both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions totalling 145t CO2e. These emissions were offset by supporting a national project, Sown Biodiverse Pastures Project – Biodiverse Pastures for Climate Change Mitigation and Soil Protection. The project aims to promote the sustainability of agriculture and the mitigation of environmental impact through enhancement of environmental services in Sown Biodiverse Permanent Pastures.

What best symbolises Inspira’s commitment to sustainability is their motto, “Doing the right thing”, which guides and defines everything staff and management do at the hotel. Around this motto, Inspira have combined three fundamental pillars of their hotel’s identity: environmental sustainability, social responsibility and sustainable development. Watch this short and powerful video to see their inspiring work in action.

Inspira’s First Sustainability Report

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, whose aim is to combine maximum comfort and premium services with a memorable eco-friendly experience in the heart of Lisbon has just concluded its first Sustainability Report. This is a further step in the hotel’s strategic sustainability policy that will make available for everyone, access to its environmental decisions and structural investments as well as the outcomes of these measures.


About Green Globe Certification

Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries.  Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit

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