Grand Parc Puy du Fou: Celebrating History and Greenery

Grand Parc Puy du Fou: Celebrating History and Greenery
September 23, 2015 Bradley Cox

The history of Puy du Fou is as romantic as the historical French stories and legends that it tells. Created by writer, and well-known French politician, Philippe Le Jolis de Villiers, the theme park Puy du Fou, was built on the site of a ruined castle in the Vendée region of Western France.



Almost forty years ago, de Villiers wrote a romantic tale based on 700 years of the region’s history. This sweeping masterpiece was worthy of being created into a major motion picture, but lacking the funds, de Villiers recruited the local people into a volunteer theatrical society and using the old castle as a backdrop, performed the work as a dramatic specular during Summer evenings. Titled Cinéscénie, the night-time show attracted crowds in the thousands and today, with the addition of state of the art light shows and effects, draws millions of guest every year.

Cinéscénie continues to be the major attraction, but has been supported with a theme park presenting amazing historical huge scale shows and villages constructed in the forrest. Each village has been built to provide visitors with the chance to experience different eras in French history, as well as stay in variety of villa and hotel accommodation. Key to this development has been Puy du Fou’s attention to preserving the natural forests of the area as well as sustainably managing the park’s operations. For its efforts, Puy du Fou has been awarded Green Globe certification four years in a row.

Nicolas de Villiers, son of the park’s founder, and President of Puy du Fou said, “Puy du Fou is very proud of our latest Green Globe certification. Year after year, our team continues its efforts to improve its environmental policy. Puy du Fou remains a proud example for the Theme Parks industry in Europe and in the world.”

Since it was created, the Puy du Fou has made protecting the environment and preserving its natural heritage a high priority. To fulfil its commitment, Puy du Fou has adopted an overall approach of sustainable development, adopting three major themes: Protecting the natural environment: Being an economic contributor; and, Promoting a policy of ethics and social responsibility



Within this framework, Puy du Fou is committed to complying with legal and regulatory requirements. High priority is given to improving waste management, adopting new methods and equipment to save energy and taking care with the use of water through recycling. The parks and gardens that flourish throughout are also given special attention to protect the biodiversity they hold, including habitats for local wildlife species. The parks and gardens are also used to educate the millions of visitors each year on the importance of enjoying and communing with nature.

About Grand Parc Puy du Fou
Puy du Fou is an historical theme park in Les Epesses, between Cholet and La Roche-sur-Yon in the heart of the Vendée region of Western France. In addition to the Cinéscénie, the theme park offers eight other spectacular shows as well as villa and hotel accommodation. The park attracts around 2 millions visitors every year, making it the fourth most popular attraction in France.

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