Grand Parc Puy du Fou: A Golden Performance Across the Ages

Grand Parc Puy du Fou: A Golden Performance Across the Ages
November 9, 2016 Bradley Cox

Grand Parc Puy du Fou is one of the most original theme parks in the world and has just been award Green Globe Gold Membership. The theme park, situated in the rural region of Vendée in Western France, has no thrill-seeking rides, but a series of cultural shows like no other. Taking legends and accounts of French history, the dramatic shows have theatrical performances and special effects to rival Hollywood. The famous Cinéscénie show features a grand cast of hundreds of amateur actors, all volunteers from the local villages.

Since it was created, Puy du Fou has also made the protection of its surrounding environment and preserving its natural heritage a high priority. To fulfil its commitment, Puy du Fou has adopted an overall approach of sustainable development with 3 major themes: protecting the natural environment; being an economic player and contributor; and promoting a policy of ethics and social responsibility. This approach translates into a whole range of objectives, which underpin a business that has been in operation since it’s beginning almost forty years ago.

Nicolas de Villiers, President, Puy du Fou said, “All our teams focus their energy so that they are not only Green Globe certified, but they also begin to think of the future of Puy du Fou in this way. It has become a major focus of our development, and this thinking must continue to spread to all our creations in France and worldwide.”

train-2Having completed five years of continuous certification, Puy du Fou has now been elevated to Green Globe Gold Member. The park has consistently improved in all aspects of sustainability and has added some new green achievements to maintain their commitment to people, place and prosperity.

Puy du Fou has acquired two electric trains to transport visitors to the four corners of the park. With solar panels, these trains are completely autonomous, thanks to on aboard batteries, which are continually recharged throughout the day.

ayniRenowned for its majestic bird show, The Phantom Birds Dance, Puy du Fou’s conservation team is fully engaged in the protection of rare or endangered species. Recently, Ayni, a male condor raised by the park’s Falconry team, was reintroduced to the Argentinian Andes.

Having deep connections with local families, built on the Cinéscénie volunteer acting program, the park has now opened its own primary school: Puy du Fou Academy. The school has already accepted 105 pupils from nursery school to mid-primary school age. Puy du Fou’s aim is for the self-realisation of each child through an introduction to the practice of the arts.


With all its success, Puy du Fou has today become a word leader in the staging of grand scale, theatrical productions. More specifically the park’s ability to bring local volunteers into open-air performances attracting thousands has now become a specialist knowledge that is in demand globally. Teams from Puy du Fou have had great success this year with the launch of Kynren an 80-minute open-air evening show set in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, UK. This transfer of expertise by Pu du Fou, now offers Bishop Auckland the chance to develop into an international tourist destination bringing investment and community empowerment.


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