Dorisol Madeira Hotels use Sustainability to Reposition Brand

Dorisol Madeira Hotels use Sustainability to Reposition Brand
October 17, 2014 Arton Kabashi

The Dorisol Buganvilia, Estrelicia and Mimosa Hotels are located in Funchal, Madeira the subtropical ‘Island of Flowers’. The three sister properties are part of one complex overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and sustainability is one of the main strategies the Dorisol Hotel group has gradually deployed to reposition its brand since 2013.

António J. Fernandes, Board Director at Dorisol Hotels Madeira said, “Dorisol Hotels, in accordance with the requirements of the Green Globe certification standard, are focusing on several actions within the framework of sustainability with the support of Daniel Frey, a consultant from Green Growth.

“The commitment is to always improve sustainable management and practices like waste sorting, reducing water consumption, paper savings, energy savings, training plans for employees, the upgrade of staff facilities, guest engagement with sustainability, reducing operating costs and contributing positively to local communities and the environment.”

Through their efforts to lower their environmental impact the hotels have reduced their total energy usage by 27%, water usage has dropped by 28% and waste elimination is down by 16%. These results also translate into significant operational savings for the three hotels.

Green Globe auditors have assisted the hotels to initiate new practices that respect nature and the local community. A kitchen garden and composting area have been established to grow fresh herbs for the hotels as well as reduce kitchen waste. As a contribution to the local economy, the Buganvilia, Mimosa and Estrelicia Hotels offer space to host a weekly bazaar where the local community can display their artifacts for sale. These initiatives have received favorable feedback from guests.

Lead by the hotels’ own Green Teams a number of hand crafted artistic projects are displayed throughout the hotel during festive occasions. Staff have created Christmas and Easter decorations made of recycled materials with the assistance of guests. This included a Nativity Scene made of banana tree leaves featured during the Christmas period at the Buganvilia reception hall while Christmas trees made of plastic bottles and Christmas lamps made with recycled paper were on show at the Mimosa and Estrelicia reception areas.

During Easter, staff and guests contributed to the construction of a giant Easter Egg made of 890 recycled pages of newspaper that was exhibited in the Mimosa and Estrelicia Hotels’ reception areas.

While Dorisol Hotels are committed to sustainable operations at their three hotels, they are also involved in the sustainable performance of their community.

António J. Fernandes added, “Our hotels support involvement with regional environmental projects such as Project– Biomass. The hotels have signed an agreement where waste timber from forestry in Madeira is converted into pellets and will replace gas as a new fuel source to heat boilers at the hotel. This pilot project is a great showcase for reusing waste from forests and will help the hotel further reduce costs with expected savings up to 25%.”