De Hotels Van Oranje: Sustainability by the Seaside

De Hotels Van Oranje: Sustainability by the Seaside
September 12, 2015 Bradley Cox

The five star De Hotels Van Oranje is a leading leisure and conference hotel beautifully situated right at the beach of in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. All rooms have recently been completely modernized. The 5 restaurants, 3 bars and the permanent Beachclub O. all have terraces with sea views that entice guests with summertime sun, surf and sand.

Green Globe congratulates De Hotels Van Oranje on its recent recertification in recognition of its dedication to the best sustainable practices.

Creating environmental awareness amongst guests and clients is of key importance to Hotels Van Oranje. And their active contribution makes a difference to the wellbeing of the surrounding community and to the planet.

“The award fits in perfectly with our policy, where sustainability is central.” said Jaap Liethof, Managing Director of Hotels Van Oranje, also adding, “It’s a way of doing business, and much more than just obtaining certificates and awards.”

In its daily operations, De Hotels Van Oranje has a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that targets the reduction of the property’s overall consumption of energy and water. LED lighting, motion sensors and timers, as well as a shut-down computer policy for back of house offices, saves electricity usage. In the future it is envisioned that the entire hotel will have energy efficient lighting.

To conserve water, dual flush toilet systems, low flow showers and faucets are installed in all bathrooms. And water filtered from the swimming pool is reused in the whirlpool and plunge pool.

All waste is separated including glass and plastic, organic waste, oil and fats as well as cartridges and batteries. These materials are either recycled or reused in accordance with Hotels Van Oranje’s optimal waste management system. In addition, biodegradable cleaners are also deployed at the hotel.

The hotel’s kitchens prefer organic products and fair-trade coffee and tea, and sustainable local suppliers are used as much as possible to reduce the property’s impact on the environment and limit the use of fossil fuels. Furthermore, local suppliers who are open to becoming sustainable businesses can do so in collaboration with the Hotels Van Oranje.

In line with their social responsibilities, the hotel supports at least four projects per year through sponsorship or providing a location for fundraising events. The hotel sponsors numerous events including The Orange Babies Gala, which raises funds for various projects in Africa to assist pregnant women infected with HIV. Similarly The Muscles for Muscles Gala was held to raise money to support children with muscle disease. Closer to home, the hotel supports the VV Noordwijk football gala, where money is collected through an auction for athletic and personal development of young Dutch players. The Hotels Van Oranje also sponsors various museums and local organizations. Research foundations such as the KWF Cancer, AIDS foundation fund, foundation KiKa and union HIV are also supported by the hotel.

View the Green Globe video interview with Jaap Liethof, Managing Director of Hotels Van Oranje at

About Hotels Van Oranje
In 2012 Hotels Van Oranje created its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy in order to anchor sustainability in the business. Persuasiveness, increasing demand and the added value of CSR are the most important reasons for Hotels Van Oranje to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The Hotels Van Oranje has chosen to set up a CSR policy based upon its own priorities and wants to create an added value to Corporate Social Responsibility within its business. The hotel’s recently updated CSR Policy can be downloaded at

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