Best Western Plus Hotel Kassel City Powered by Nature

Best Western Plus Hotel Kassel City Powered by Nature
October 17, 2014 Arton Kabashi

Until recently Kassel, regarded as the capital of the German Fairy Tale Route, was renown for being the city where the Brothers Grimm lived and wrote most of their fairy tales. Then in 2013 the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe the largest hillside park in Europe was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in official recognition of the city’s inherent historical and cultural significance.

The Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is home to magnificent water structures from the Baroque and Romantic periods, where spectacular water displays cascade down 350 meters from a towering 11.5 meter high statue of Hercules. The park is also a nature retreat covering 240 hectares with over 600 different tree species.

The creation of this ensemble of gardens and water features including waterfalls, geysers and fountains along with monumental architectural began in 1689 and was completed in the 19th century. Powered by hydro-pneumatic devices – a combination of water and air pressure – the site remains an artistic and technical tribute to the European ruling classes dedication to garden art.

Other notable sights in and around Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe include the Castle Wilhelm Height (Schloss Wilhelmshöhe), Löwenburg Castle (Lions Castle), and Ballhaus (the Ballroom at William Height Mountain Park).

Best Western Plus Hotel Kassel City is a four star superior property in the heart of the city of Kassel and in September was once again re-certified by Green Globe.

Jürgen Peter Waindok, General Manager at Best Western Plus Hotel Kassel City said, “Green is not just a trend in our hotel but a permanent strategy. Our sustained success was the significant reduction of waste and the fulfillment of many other standards of Green Globe resulting in an outstanding score of 95%.”

The Hotel Kassel City aims to use 100% natural energy, like the famous water fountains of Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, to reduce its carbon footprint. This is achieved by using a local electricity provider, Ökostrom (sustainable energy) that operates renewable energy generation facilities that include the utilization of hydropower, solar and wind energy.

Environmentally friendly initiatives include the use of Eco-label detergents for cleaning purposes and there has been a complete changeover to recycled paper for printing. Also, color printing is now limited with the hotel encouraging the production of black and white copies instead.

In its restaurants, Best Western Plus Hotel Kassel City prefers serving Fair Trade coffee, tea and cocoa as part of the hotel’s social responsibility practices. In addition, regional specialties and local products are available for purchase to promote the local community.

Mr Waindok added, “We are supported by the RIMC hotel operations company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. For our hotel, we only use partners and suppliers committed to sustainability and environmental awareness.”