Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden: Certified to Love Food, Hate Waste

Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden: Certified to Love Food, Hate Waste
September 1, 2015 Bradley Cox

Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden is located in Vesterbrogade, a residential district in the capital city of Copenhagen in Denmark. This boutique hotel was originally built in the 1880s and features cozy, rustic surrounds with a touch of Balinese influence in the interiors. The hotel lies just outside the gates of the old city with traditional sightseeing spots, shops, food markets and restaurants located nearby. Guests can enjoy a walk or leisurely pedal around the city on bicycles available for rental at the hotel.

Green Globe congratulates the Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden on its recent re-certification for the third year and on its magnificent compliance score of 97%.

Nikolas Hall, Host & Hotelier at Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden said, “Bertrams Guldsmeden has been re-certified by Green Globe, who recognize and value our contributions to sustainability. Guldsmeden Hotels, including Bertrams was the first chain of properties in Denmark to achieve Green Globe certification, and our continued efforts and focus entail annual re-certification. We are honored and will continue focusing on making small steps for a better environment.”

Bertrams Guldsmeden has retained as much of its original building structure as possible to reduce its impact on the environment. While any renovations that are performed and interior design elements adhere to sustainable practices. This includes the use of environmentally sound materials such as stone and wood (teak and bamboo from plantations) as these materials age well and do not require frequent substitution. The hotel combines elements from Asia with traditional Nordic features and native vegetation in its interior design.

Electricity is supplied by Natur Energi which provides 100% sustainable energy from renewable sources. On an operations level, the hotel aims to reduce energy consumption by 5% annually. And the installation of solar panels on the roof is planned for the future. Currently, all equipment and facilities are low carbon emission and consume minimum energy including TVs which have been changed to A+ energy saving models. In addition, energy saving motion sensors, light bulbs, timers and appliances are also utilized.

Monthly water usage and costs are recorded and Bertrams Guldsmeden has set a 5% water reduction target. Low flush faucets and dual flush toilets are installed at the property. And rainwater is used for watering plants. Furthermore, guests can choose from either still or sparkling tap water that is produced at the property and served in carafes.

The property also aims to reduce waste output by 5% annually. All suppliers provide products and food in reusable containers. And the property prefers washable chinaware, glasses and cutlery. Recycling bins are located in communal areas while housekeeping sort trash in guest rooms and trashcan liners are made of fully compostable material. Finally, black and grey wastewater is managed in a non-polluting way in accordance with Danish law.

This eco and sustainability conscious property has developed a comprehensive Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) that is promoted on the hotel’s website and via the intranet for staff members. The management and small team of seven are singularly committed to sustainable outcomes with each member delegated specific duties that include environmental and purchasing policies, water and energy saving strategies and waste management and recycling programs. Guests are informed of these initiatives, encouraged to be involved and to give their feedback via a newsletter.

In line with Guldsmeden Hotels SMP for 2015 , Bertrams Guldsmeden aims to be a 100% organic, fair trade and environmentally responsible company. All food and drink is local, seasonal and organic and sourced from local Danish suppliers. Also, bathroom products are organic and produced especially by Fischer Pure Nature a Danish supplier. Paper napkins are unbleached and made of recycled paper with the “Love Food Hate Waste” message printed on each. The message serves to reinforce the property’s eco-friendly principles of reducing waste.

View the hotel’s Sustainability principles at

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