ADA Cosmetics Supports Germany’s Carbon Neutral Future

ADA Cosmetics Supports Germany’s Carbon Neutral Future
July 10, 2014 Arton Kabashi

Green Globe announces the re-certification of ADA Cosmetics International, a leader in the hotel cosmetics industry.

ADA was Ger­many’s first provider of eco-certified nat­ural cos­met­ics in the indus­try. The company has been integrating sustainable practices into all levels of the business since 2005 and continues to develop a number of innovative concepts promoting environmental awareness among suppliers, clients and staff.

ADA Marketing Director Sylvia Jensch said, “In 2013, ADA was certified as the first hotel cosmetic manufacturer worldwide in accordance with the Green Globe Certification standard, which is the highest certification standard in the tourism and hospitality industry. We have just completed our re-certification and achieved an impressive 91% of Green Globe’s sustainability criteria. We are proud and at the same time very motivated to keep on implementing measures to ensure environmental and social well-being, making the use of our products eco-safe and pleasurable.”

The attention to sustainable practices that ADA displays in the quality of its products is now reflected in new eco-friendly initiatives. One of the latest projects is an educational program for ADA employees that promotes ongoing saving of energy and reduction in water usage. In addition, waste management programs teach the benefits of recycling items lessening the company’s carbon footprint.

Another first, ADA staff now drive new electric cars – the BMWi3 – making a contribution to the reduction of pollution. The e-car can cover large distances of 160 km, or more if required, with no noise or carbon emissions. ADA is con­vinced that the lit­tle sport­ster will be very pop­u­lar with employ­ees. And that is a great ben­e­fit because it will pro­mote e-mobility and energy effi­ciency, in addi­tion to being a sig­nif­i­cant step in fur­ther imple­ment­ing the company’s eco­log­i­cal goals. Since 2011, ADA has succeeded in reduc­ing its oper­a­tional carbon emis­sions by 33 percent.