A62 Exclusive Amenities bring beauty with a conscience to Portugal

A62 Exclusive Amenities bring beauty with a conscience to Portugal
September 17, 2014 Arton Kabashi

A62 Exclusive Amenities SA provides environmentally friendly guest amenities at hotels and resorts in Portugal and at the same time nurtures sustainable values through their management and operations.

Andreia Silveira, Communications and Statistics at A62 Exclusive Amenities SA said, “A62 Exclusive Amenities SA, distributor in Portugal of amenities from the GM Group, proudly received the Green Globe certification earlier in the year, achieving 83% of requirements. Founded in 2006, A62 can today affirm itself as a market leader that invests in sustainability and commits to purchasing social and environmentally sustainable products, materials and services as well as offering quality cosmetic products which are safe and reliable.” 

A62 strives to protect the environment by creating cosmetic products of a premium quality and promotes biodegradable packaging. Environmental responsibility and best business practices are of such a high standard that the company firmly endorses conformity and safety in the production of their beauty range.

“The company’s environmental policy is perfectly in tune with the philosophy of business by offering eco-friendly products. We commit ourselves to actively promote organic formulations either in eco-pumps dispensers and eco-source or pre-dosed lines. We take great care with our eco-design and recycling requirements to minimize the impact on the environment,” added Mrs Silveira. 

The aim of eco-design is to minimize the environmental impact of a product during its lifecycle from its creation through to its disposal. The environmental consequences of each stage of a product’s life from design through production, distribution, use and disposal is at the heart of the company’s sustainable initiatives.

A62 encourages energy saving and the use of renewable energy, waste recycling, monitoring of water consumption and uses recyclable plastics and packaging that significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint. All products are ecologically certified formulations containing vegetable based ingredients that are subjected to dermatological control testing. Soaps and liquids are over 90% biodegradable, which conform to EU regulations. Also sales brochures are printed on paper produced from sustainably managed forests.

A62 Exclusive Amenities SA’s social responsibility is part of a long-term business strategy where everyone involved with the company is encouraged to contribute to its longevity.

“Our sustainable vision is extended to the well-being of employees and suppliers to inspire and suggest sustainable practices that strengthen the positive culture of respect for the environment, for human rights and the improvement of living and working conditions. We want to offer exclusivity not only in amenities, but also in the attitude of each member of our team!” concluded Mrs Silveira.