Green Globe Earth Check Green Key Travelife ISO 14001 Green Leaf LEED EBOM LEED D+C
Sustainability Management Plan x x x x x x
Legal Compliance x x x x
Employee Training x x x x
Customer Satisfaction x
Accuracy of PR x x
Design & Construction x x
Sustainable Design x x
Interpretation x x
Communication Strategy x x x
Health & Safety x x x x x
Standard/ Excerpt of Standard Available Online x x
Social Economic x x x x
Community Development x x
Local Employment x x x
Fair Trade x x
* supporting local businesses x x
* higher percentage of the price paid is transferred directly to the provider of the goods and services (tourism multiplier) x
* reduced ecological footprint x
* fair prices and wages x x
* lower costs du to fewer middlemen x
* enhance visitor experience x
Support Local Entrepreneurs x
Respect Local Communities x x x
Exploitation Policy x
Equitable Hiring x x
Employee Protection x
Basic services – business activities do not jeopardise provision of basic services and utilities to local communities x x
Cultural Heritage x x
Code of Behaviour x x
Historical Artefacts x
Protection Of sites x
Incorporation Of Culture x x
Environmental x x x x x
Conserving Resources x x
Purchasing Policy x
Consumable Goods x
Energy Consumption x x x x
Water Consumption x x x x x
Reducing Pollution x x x
Greenhouse Gas Emissions x x x x x
Wastewater Management x x x x x
Waste Management Plan x x x x x
Planning & Reducing x x
Reuse x x
Recycle x x
Harmful Substances x x x x x
Other Pollutants x x
Conserving Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Landscapes x x
Wildlife Species x
Wildlife in Captivity x
Landscaping x x
Biodiversity Conservation x x
Interactions With Wildlife x x

Related to International Standards

Green Globe Earth Check Green Key Travelife ISO 14001 Green Leaf LEED EBOM LEED D+C
Individually Designed Criteria x x x x x
Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria x x x
Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Criteria (STC) x x
Baseline Criteria x x
Agenda 21 x x
ISO 14001 x x x
EM Standard
EU Ecolabel

Membership Type

Green Globe Earth Check Green Key Travelife ISO 14001 Green Leaf LEED EBOM LEED D+C
Hotels & Resorts x x x x x x
Hotels – Design & Construction Phase x x
Attraction x x x
Business (Whole Sale/ Retail) x x x
Congress Center, Meeting Venues x x x
Cruise Ships (River & Ocean) x x
Golf Courses x x
Meeting & Events x x x
Organization x x
Restaurant x x x
Spa, Health Center x x
Transportation (Mass Transportation, Bus Company, Limousine Service, Car Rental) x x
Travel Industry (Tour Operators, Destination Management Companies, Meeting & Incentive Industry) x x x
Tour Operators x x x x
Destinations x x x x
Small Accomodations x x x
Industry x x x
Supply Chain x x x x
Airport x x x
Educational Institutes x x x x
Administration x x x
Communities x x x
Youth Hostels x x
Nature Parks x x
Institutes x x x
Travel Agent Associations x x
Enterprises x x x
Campsites x x x x
Interest Groups x x x


 Green GlobeEarth CheckGreen KeyTravelifeISO 14001 Green LeafLEED EBOMLEED D+C
Third-Party Independent Auditxxxxx
Onsite Auditxx
Compliance Agreementx
Green Globe Solutions (Online Platform)x

Membership Fee

 Green GlobeEarth CheckGreen KeyTravelifeISO 14001 Green LeafLEED EBOMLEED D+C
Set Ratesxnot mentioned on webpagexno information provided
By Roomsx
By Employeesx
By Regionx
By Guestx

By company recognized benefits of becoming sustainable

Green Globe Earth Check Green Key Travelife ISO 14001 Green Leaf LEED EBOM LEED D+C
Reduce Operational Costs x x x x x
Utility savings through application / implementation of standard x x x
Competitive advantage / distinguish business against other non-sustainability compliant businesses x x x
Quality staff choose sustainable businesses deliberately x x x
Contributing to Sustainability x x x
Environmental Leadership x x x
Understanding your potential risk exposure x x x
Avoid accusation of green wash x x
Helps business identify weaknesses & opportunities x x
Assurance of genuine claims of sustainability x x
Greenhouse Gas Emissions x x
Energy Efficiency x x x x
Conservation Management x x x
Noise Control x x
Waste Water Management x x x
Storage of environmental harmful substances x x
Visitor Satisfaction x x x

Membership Network, Social Media & Websites

Green Globe Earth Check Green Key Travelife ISO 14001 Green Leaf LEED EBOM LEED D+C
Network to connect to other members x x x x
Information and Resource basis for sustainability training/ member training x x x
Connecting to auditors and sustainability consultants x x x
Facebook x x x X
Twitter x x X
Trip Advisor x
Yotube x x x
Linked-In x
Google Earth x
App x
Company Website Listing x x x X x
Booking Website Listing (such as x
Blog x x
Newsletter x x x
Press Releases x x x x
Case Studies x x x
Videos x x x

LEED EBOM & Green Globe Comparison

 Shared Process & CriteriaGreen GlobeLEED EBOM
Number of Criteria-337443
OptionsNo optionsOptions
Type of standardBuilding operationsSpecially developped for hotels, specific to hotel's operations: F&B, Kitchen, Laundry, Spa, Front office, concierge, meetings and events, HousekeepingNot specialised for hotels building only
Approximative time needed-5- 6 months2 years
ApproachHolistic sustanability integrating stakeholder growthTechnology and occupant comfort
Rating systemMandatory and percentage ratingRequired and level rating based on number of points
Objective-ChecklistTargets and precise solutions on how to implement each action
Norm and flexibility-Following International norms possibility of non applicable criteriaFollowing US norm and not flexible on applicability
ProcessStakeholder engagementStakeholder surveys
PR and communicationInternational Press release coverageNone
Green Globe websites listingNone
AuditOn site auditDesktop audit
External partyThird partyCertification body
Criteriain CommonSpecific Specific
CriteriaEnergySustainability management planRenovation policy
WaterContinuous improvementRenovation/construction material
Waste managementIncorporation of Culture and historyEnergy metering systems required
Waste waterPhysically disabled persons
site managementEthical (exploitation, code of conduct, bribery, promotional materials, Fair trade)Energy audit or commissioning Required
Thermal insulationEmployees development and Local employment, equitable hiringLamps no CFL and L70 certificate, mercury management
Purchasing policiesInterpretation for tourismObligation to use GreenScreen list translation Hazardous substances
TrainingFood safetyAcoustic insulation
harmful substanceCommunity engagementDecking et tiles, Ceiling materials, Furniture
Protection of habitatGreen MeetingsMinimum indoor air quality
TransportationMeeting Indoor Air quality strategies and audits
Environmental risk assessmentBiodiversityIndoor Co2 level monitoring
Health and SafetyHR risk managementThermal control
Reducing pollutioncostumer satisfactionIllumination level
Landscaping and irrigationDisaster Management and Emergency responseGreen Cleaning audit
Carbon offsettingLocal livelihoodCleaning equipments certified
Smoke ControlGreenHouse GasInnovation