• Vegware

    Vegware manufacture eco-friendly packaging and food ware including plates and cutlery that are made from plants and completely compostable.

  • That’s A (Beeswax) Wrap

    That’s A (Beeswax) Wrap are reusable, zero waste, biodegradable, 100% cotton beeswax wraps that provide trendy eco-friendly meal storage.

  • BioPak

    The BioCup Art Series by BioPak are disposable cups made from paper sourced from sustainable plantations, lined with a bioplastic lining (PLA)…

  • Treewise

    Treewise pencils are made from 100% recycled newspapers without using any toxic chemicals/polymers or plastic. Extra dark graphite writes smoothly and…

  • Earthpack

    Earthpack can customize eco-friendly packaging for businesses in the form of innovative yet practical bags, boxes and specialty items. Most items…

  • Earthcycle

    Earthcycle Pulp Fibre Berry Boxes & Produce Packs protect berries, fruit and vegetables and feature increased air circulation for added freshness.…

  • Aluminum Foil

    If You Care Aluminum Foil is made from 100% recycled aluminium which uses less energy to produce than conventional foils.

  • Suga Yoga Mats

    Suga Yoga Mats are made from recycled wetsuits. These durable mats can also be returned to Suga for further recycling.

  • Pela

    Pela makes biodegradable, plastic free, toxic free phone cases that are 100% compostable.

  • Sustainable Cards

    Ditch the plastic and go for hotel key cards made from wood, which are durable and at the ed of…