Wendy Walker-Drakes takes Leadship Role in Caribbean

Wendy Walker-Drakes takes Leadship Role in Caribbean
March 17, 2015 Bradley Cox

Green Globe is proud to reaffirm the leadership of its portfolio in the Caribbean by Ms Wendy Walker-Drakes, Managing Director of ECOLINK Inc., Barbados.

Ms Walker-Drakes continues as our primary representative in the Caribbean and is a veteran in the promotion of environmental management and sustainability in the region. She has been a part of the Green Globe team since late 2009. She has been instrumental in working with hotel management and green teams in various islands across the region to ensure staff have an appropriate understanding of all the various facets of sustainability, how to effectively achieve certification, and execute goals towards continuous improvement in performance.

Ms Walker-Drakes said, “There is still work to be done in the Caribbean to realize sustainable tourism as the primary model for tourism development on all islands. As the ACS, CHTA, CTO and CAST have their varied objectives and goals for the region, Green Globe will utilize local expertise to provide the guidance needed by tourism facilities and businesses as well as the yard stick and framework by which these properties can achieve and improve sustainability performance. Importantly, independent verification of performance, to avoid green washing, will also help the realization of our designation as the first International Sustainable Tourism region.”

Over the past year Green Globe has had the privilege of Ms Denaye Hinds, Sustainability Director, OBM International, Miami, working throughout the Caribbean on its behalf. As Denaye takes on additional challenging roles in the region we wish her success in continuing to play her part in promoting sustainable tourism in the Caribbean.

We look forward to working in tandem with the other players in the region and to help the Caribbean to be a part of the solution by executing best practices and making a difference one property at a time.