Sea-U Guest House Wins Gold with Five Years of Sustainable Success

Sea-U Guest House Wins Gold with Five Years of Sustainable Success
January 22, 2016 Bradley Cox

Sea-U Guest House is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Green Globe Certification for the fifth’s time in a row which means, we now archived the Gold Level.

Sea-U Guest House opened in late December 1998 and is the only green certified hotel on the east coast, the nature side of Barbados. Famous for its rolling hills, dense patches of tropical forest and unspoiled mile-long beaches, the east coast is a paradise for nature lovers. Green Monkeys, mangoes, and hummingbirds can be watched in their natural habitat.

Sea-U-Gallery-1170Since we began in late 1998, Sea-U has grown from a 5 room guest house to a small boutique style hotel with 10 rooms. From the beginning on we accepted to have a responsibility to take care of the environment, the very resource base we are dependent on to create memorable and enriching experiences for our guests. Built out of wood, the rooms are furnished in a tropical island décor featuring natural materials like bamboo. Traditional louver windows letting in the breeze, and large patios providing shade.

Uschi Wetzels, Owner and Managing Director at Sea-U Guest House, said about the achievements over the past 5 years: “One of the daunting areas has been waste management. Since the property is located on the Eastern Coast of the island, it is a considerable distance away from the recycling outfits and depots. We have been able over the years to sort and collect all the various waste streams, starting with plastic PET and HDPE bottles and aluminum cans. Through being persistent and ensuring that pickups are arranged every couple of months, over the past two years have added glass bottles, cardboard and hard to get rid of larger components. Last year we were able to estimate our diversion rate from the landfill and this year, through acquiring a small digital scale, we have determined that 32% of our garbage is diverted from the landfill. We will continue to improve our strategy to further reduce our waste streams and lessen the impact on the environment.”

Cottage-superiorStacia Brathwaite, Head of Guest Services, said: “Since we are separating the waste, the yard looks so much tidier.”

Joann Brathwaite, Head of Housekeeping, said: “Learning how much damage bleach can do I was happy to experience the power of environmentally safe cleaning products. Because we are living on a small island, it is sometimes challenging to find the right chemicals. But we have ensured that anything we buy for this task is strictly researched and the best options chosen.”

Seacat, Gardener & Hiking Guide, said: It always makes me smile when I serve our guest coconut water straight out of the shell with homegrown bamboo straws to sip on. You will not find a plastic cups or straw here at Sea-U.

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