Sea-U Guest House Leads Sustainability for Boutique Hotels in Bathsheba

Sea-U Guest House Leads Sustainability for Boutique Hotels in Bathsheba
March 7, 2017 Bradley Cox

Staff members weighing recyclables such as paper, plastic, cardboard and glass. A local recycling depot then collected each bag. The weight of each bag is noted and compared to other months/years. With this information, we can gauge how much waste we are diverting from the landfill with each collection.

Sea-U Guest House is elated to announce that we have been awarded the Green Globe certification for the sixth time in a row, which means, we successfully maintained our Gold Level.

Sea-U has grown from a 5 room guest house to a small boutique style hotel with 10 rooms. We have made tremendous progress over the years, and in turn, we have witnessed savings in terms of our energy consumption and the diversion of waste from the landfill to local recycling depots.

Whether it be our implementation of energy saving lighting throughout the hotel, our recycling area, beach clean up volunteering or the use of environmentally friendly products within our housekeeping department, laundry and even our guest essentials, Sea-U strides to protect the very resource we use to immerse guest in the “Bathsheba experience”.

Owner Uschi Wetzels said, “Sea-U has embraced the Green Globe programme since 2011, we plan to continue taking leaps in making positive contributions to people of our island and the planet we call home.”

Newly reconstructed recycling area. The use of natural bamboo as the main material for construction promotes the use of sustainable resources.

Manager Tiffany Niles said, “Living on a small beautiful island is a dream, I am happy to be working for an establishment that cares about protecting our habitat. I wish more companies would follow in a green path.”

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