Camp Hummingbird 2014 at Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve

Camp Hummingbird 2014 at Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve
June 25, 2014 Arton Kabashi

Green Globe commends Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve on hosting its third annual Camp Hummingbird, which will run from July 17thto July 21st, 2014. Camp Hummingbird caters for primary school students aged between 11 to 14 years, both boys and girls from various social and cultural backgrounds.

Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve invites this youth group of 25 students from across the country to a full educational week, which also features many new experiences. To cover the cost of meals and refreshments, transfers and activities sponsorship is now being sought from interested individuals and organizations. Hidden Valley Inn is responsible for all accommodation and the safety of participants during the camp.

Misael Romero, Sales and Marketing Supervisor said, ”Our main objective is to offer this experience to less privileged kids and at the same time encourage others to strive in their studies. The selection process of students is by recommendation of school counselors who must give each and every child a fair assessment and an opportunity to take part.”

The camp includes a variety of activities such as geographical education, eco-tourism, as well as studying the resort’s conservation and sustainability efforts. There are also numerous tours and presentations by environmental staff and local biologists teaching about the flora and fauna of the natural surroundings.

Exploration of ancient Mayan culture and civilization will be covered during a visit to the Caracol Archaeological site and Rio Frio cave. Other educational activities include reading and comprehension skills and a twenty-question quiz based on the presentations and tours conducted during the camp.

Wellness activities such as yoga and sports including volleyball have been arranged. Also self-development topics for youth on conflict resolution, dealing with peer pressure, building self-esteem and avoiding drugs and crime will be discussed. Certificates will be presented at the end of the camp to the graduating students.

Green Globe Director of Communications, Bradley Cox, said, “I have personally visited Hidden Valley Inn and inspected the work they do with the local school kids and I must say it is truly inspiring. The staff from Hidden Valley are not only committed to introducing the activities of their eco retreat, but just as importantly are leaders in local community education.”


Misael Romero

Sales and Marketing Supervisor

Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve

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Belize, Central America

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