Business Certification

Business Certification

Green Globe Business Certification

Today businesses across all industries require certification to provide independent assurance that their enterprises operates sustainably. For more than two decades Green Globe has been providing sustainability certification for the various sectors that make up the international travel and tourism industry. The Green Globe International Standard for Sustainability has been applied to a great variety of business types from accommodation and hospitality, to transport and tour operators, conference venues and meeting planners, as well as management and public relations firms.

Green Globe’s Business Certification is applied to the administration and operational activities of enterprises, ensuring that the methods and procedures employed meet the most rigour standards for sustainability.

There are many benefits provided by Green Globe Businesses Certification.

  • Cost savings from greater efficiencies and reduced utility and resource usage
  • Connection to consumers who now expect verified green credentials
  • Better risk management through regular review of operational processes
  • Joining the leadership group within their industry
  • Employee retention through connection of business objectives to global goals
  • Increased brand reputation and publicity connected to businesses’ green directions

In addition to these advantages, Green Globe’s certified members also benefit from the promotion of the Green Globe brand which connects with consumers and business leaders around the world. Green Globe and the sustainable achievements of its members are featured in more than 100 news articles everyday via traditional media outlets, online news agencies and social media channel across major international markets.

The Green Globe Standard
The Green Globe Standard includes 44 core criteria is supported by over 380 compliance indicators. The applicable indicators vary by type of certification, geographical area as well as local factors. The entire Green Globe Standard is reviewed and updated twice per calendar year. To guarantee compliance to the highest international standards, a third-party independent auditor is appointed to work with clients on-site. The international standard ISO 19011 provides guidance on the management of audit programs, the conduct of internal and external management systems as well as the competence and evaluation of auditors.

Green Globe Representatives in Your Area
Green Globe operates in over 80 countries world wide. Green Globe consultants and independent auditors have experience working with a variety of businesses and are available to scope a company’s operations and guide an efficient process through compliance to certification.

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