Implementing the Green Globe Standard and Indicators reduces operating costs

Utility savings through the Green Globe Standard and Indicators

Green Globe provides a clear return of investment

A Green Globe certification is a competitive advantage

Green Globe certified businesses are employers of choice for quality staff

Green Globe is recognized by business and leisure travelers

Green Globe contributes to sustainability

Green Globe covers all sectors of the hospitality, travel and tourism industry

Green Globe is the accepted standard for sustainability worldwide

Positive Feedback from guests and from the outside as reaction to the successful certification (German)

Green Globe leads to continuous improvement of efficiency performance and provides guidance for sustainability management (German)

Green Globe is an international certificate that is perfectly tailored to our industry sector (German)

Both externally and internally only positive experiences with Green Globe (German)

Increasing customer demand for Green Meetings and Events that require an independent certification such as Green Globe Certification (German)

Green Globe covers all components of sustainability: environmental, social responsibility and economic viability (German)

Green Globe certification is a significant benchmark in sustainable events (German)

Third party verification by an independent auditor on-site (German)

Worldwide operation using consistent criteria which provide incentives to question internal processes (German)

Green Globe is an internationally recognized certificate, which is also known by the customers (German)

Increasing awareness of the importance of social issues regarding sustainability (German)

Simple handling of the certification process via the Internet (German)

Assistance in measuring own sustainable performances that help the company to define itself more precisely (German)

Tremendous savings through the implementation of the international Green Globe Certification Standard (German)

Communicate as a member of Green Globe the goodwill “sustainability” to the outside (German)

Integration of the Green Globe Standard in the company’s philosophy and high staff awareness (German)

Green Globe Certification in conjunction with Building Certifications complete the sustainability concept (German)

Green Globe addresses our clients and arouses interest in our company. (German)

Sustainability has become increasingly important in the event business (German)

Additional benefits of your Green Globe membership

Immediate access to the Green Globe Certification System

Full access to the online system to review all criteria for certification. Businesses can immediately begin evaluation and certification by uploading documentation that addresses the criteria and assign tasks to staff throughout the organization. Determine your own timeline for the certification process and a comprehensive budgeting program to plan investment in new solutions to improve sustainability performance.

A copy of the Green Globe Certification Criteria & Indicators

Receive a copy of the Sustainability Standard detailing all Criteria and Indicators. This document can be used internally by businesses for planning and training purposes.

The Green Globe Sustainability Trainings Program

A comprehensive program based on tutorials which instruct management and staff on how they can achieve sustainability for the business and in their communities. The program teaches the importance of sustainability and why it has become a global movement for better performance. click here

Updates for Certification Criteria

International standards for sustainability are constantly developing to drive improved environmental performance and greater social commitment via international partnerships. Green Globe is at the forefront of this process and keeps its Members up-to-date with the latest recognized criteria. Green Globe Members are assured of always being the ‘greenest’ travel and tourism business.

Listings as Green Globe Member on all Green Globe websites

Green Globe Members are immediately recognized as being committed to better environmental and social outcomes.

Access to accredited Green Globe Consultants and Auditors to pursue certification

Choose from one of our preferred partners to help you through the certification process. A complete list of accredited auditors is available to choose from to have your certification independently audited. click here (Charges apply for consulting and auditing services)

Marketing Services provided by Green Globe Marketing

Promote your achievements to a worldwide audience of approximately 1 billion consumers (through Marketwire, AP, Reuters, CNN & others), 350.000 travel professionals, 50.000 meeting & incentive specialists, 1.800 tour operators as well as 5.000 investment houses. Green Globe promotes all Members at the following trade shows: World Travel Market – ITB – IMEX – Arabian Travel Market – ITB ASIA – Luxury Travel Market and many other local trade shows. Green Globe certified businesses also enjoy discounts on published advertising rates in Islands Magazine.

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