Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo Makes Sustainable Savings

Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo Makes Sustainable Savings
October 14, 2015 Bradley Cox

Cinnamon Lakeside sits in the heart of Colombo in Sri Lanka, nestled between Biera Lake and the bustling city. Cinnamon Lakeside is the perfect urban getaway where guests can indulge in the luxuries of resort life whilst within the city. It is also the most extraordinary business hotel in Colombo, housing the largest city swimming pool, spectacular landscaping, a floating restaurant, an aqua foot lounge, delectable international cuisine and inspiring event venues.

Green Globe congratulates Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo on its recent re-certification for the fifth year in a row.

Cinnamon Lakeside’s environmental policy is based on compliance and resource conservation. The core goals for the hotel are to minimize costs and reduce the property’s impact on the environment. The environmental task force (Green Team) in collaboration with the hotel’s Engineering Department champions sustainable environmental practices within hotel operations. Greenhouse gas emissions produced by the hotel are measured as per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol – World Resource Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The measurement takes into account the greenhouse gas emissions and further global warming effects of the property, as well as business related travel, including contrail formation of flights according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 1999.

The scope of measurement is two pronged. Measuring direct emissions from sources that are owned and controlled by the hotel. And measuring indirect emissions mainly from electricity usage, which is sourced from the main grid.

During the 2014/15 financial year, the hotel aimed to reduce its carbon footprint by targeting both direct and indirect emission sources. As a result, the hotel reduced its total carbon footprint from 6,354 to 6,317 metric tons. This was achieved through system improvements that consumed less diesel and furnace oil and a reduction in overall electricity consumption.

Sustainable energy management continues to be a strategic focus in Cinnamon Lakeside’s operations, as energy costs account for as much as 6.59% of total operating costs. Energy saving measures implemented have included the installation of solar panels on the roof top, the increased use of LED bulbs in back of house areas and in outside flood lamps while laundry steam has been used to generate hot water. The hotel generated savings of 252,170 KwH of electricity and 87,600 liters of furnace oil, which translates to over 11 million rupees in cost savings.

Water conservation is of key importance at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo. Water emissions are regularly monitored to ensure compliance with national health and safety parameters. Currently, the hotel does not have separate water treatment facilities. However, the property has invested 9 million rupees on a flat-trap system to further reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand levels contained in wastewater. In addition, to reduce water wastage flow rates have been adjusted in water taps and showers, according to the Green Loop standard, and all toilet fittings are calibrated in line with Green Loop standards to ensure maximum water savings. Furthermore, water from dry cleaning was recycled for cooling purposes that saved 10,200 m³ of water. And rainwater collected for gardening purposes resulted in water savings of 90 m³. In total 812,910 rupees in annual cost savings were made.

Cinnamon Lakeside staff are actively involved in environmental initiatives including Earth Hour and also World Environment Day, where colleagues worked alongside the Ministry of Defence, Army, Navy and Air Force, to clean up Beira Lake. In addition, staff participate in regular clean ups of sections of the lake located within the vicinity of the hotel.

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