Banners 2 Bags on World Environment Day in Sri Lanka

Banners 2 Bags on World Environment Day in Sri Lanka
June 8, 2015 Bradley Cox

Banners 2 Bags 2 In commemoration of World Environment Day and as part of  Environment Week at the Cinnamon’s city hotels, Cinnamon Grand Colombo launched the annual B2b sale at the lobby today (05 June).

B2b, stands for Banners to bags and is a creative recycling event to demonstrate how new and valuable fashion accessories can be created from scape material. Banners used for a variety of conference events are often binned at the end of the event, but with the the B2b program they are repurposed into trendy and practical items.

The bags are strong, durable, 100% waterproof and ideal for the modern day individual, as their fashionable features make them a ‘must have’ accessory. Due to the bags also being made from different banners, no two bags will ever be alike and hence, each bag is unique and one of a kind.

This is the seventh edition of the sale, which is a pioneering effort by Cinnamon Grand. This is the  first initiative of its kind in Asia and was launched by Cinnamon Grand Colombo  in 2009. Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo and Cinnamon Red Colombo joined the project this year to expand the B2b scope.