Constance Ephélia Seychelles Preserves The Beauty of Its Region

Constance Ephélia Seychelles Preserves The Beauty of Its Region
January 4, 2016 Bradley Cox

Constance Ephélia Seychelles is situated on two of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Mahé, overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay. Constance Ephélia enjoys a unique location set within 120 hectares of land with luxuriant and rare vegetation.

The resort is one of six Constance Hotels and Resorts properties to be recently re-certified by Green Globe and attained an outstanding compliance score of 87%.

Markus Ultsch-Unrath, Health, Safety and Environment Projects Manager at Constance Ephélia Seychelles said,” After one year of maintaining the Green Globe standard, we are very pleased to be recertified. It is our unique passion for preservation and efforts to reduce our impact on the environment that leads by example.”

This year the resort made its most outstanding progress in the area of waste management. There was a substantial reduction in its waste volume to landfills by 10 tons per month. In the Seychelles the facilities for recycling are very limited, nevertheless the resort examines all options and is continually exploring ways to reduce, reuse and recycle as much waste as possible. In less than one year team members segregated 100,000 plastic bottles resulting in 77% of all PET bottles being recycled. In addition, an in-house water bottling plant reuses glass bottles saving approximately 250,000 plastic bottles per year. Furthermore, by offering newspaper and magazines online and printing double-sided copies only when necessary, overall A4 paper consumption decreased by 6.3%.

Constance Ephélia Seychelles aims to improve the management of biodiversity within the resort and surrounding areas by enhancing the collaboration between the resort and its community partners. This year a new project was signed following the property’s already established Mangrove Management Plan. The project entitled Community based Management of the Port Launay Mangrove RAMSAR Site in Seychelles, will be conducted in collaboration with the Port Glaud environment club, the local Sustainability NGO for Seychelles and Mangroves for the Future (MFF). In addition, Constance Ephélia Seychelles works with the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles to encourage students from government and private schools to participate in planting or clean up activities. Activities focus on the regeneration of degraded mangrove areas, learning about best management practices of the mangrove wetlands and sustainable tourism.

This year, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), the resort was a major contributor to the construction of a new bus terminal at Port Launay and a new bus stop shelter in the Port Glaud district. And in line with the new Mangrove project, Constance Ephélia Seychelles will sponsor a boardwalk through the mangroves with signboards for use by the community and for guided tours with guests. The property also donated signboards naming endemic trees for the Mission Lodge project that was implemented by the Seychelles Heritage Foundation. Mission Lodge (Venn’s Town) is the most important heritage site on Mahé.

Another CSR initiative promotes Seychellois culture. Guests can experience local culture and traditions during Creole themed evenings that offer a taste of authentic Seychellois cuisine prepared with locally sourced products and served while local live music plays in the background and local crafts for sale are on display.

“As a sustainable tourism destination, we are grateful we can contribute to the conservation of the beauty of the Seychelles for the prosperity of future generations. The change you want to see in the world starts with you,” concluded Mr. Ultsch-Unrath.

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